LINDA TAYLOR: From Hollywood, with love!

Her modeling career was what took Linda around the world. All along despite the fact that physics, Newton and Einstein were her favorites. However, the desire to travel, worked perfectly with a job so many young ladies only aspire to. Linda (feminine term lindo: beautiful, nice) it might as well have been a predestined name. Here’s what followed the crowned road, including praise and recognition from President Barack Obama, for her philanthropic dedication to different causes for which Linda got involved and continue to do so.

Do you remember when you started modelling?

Yes of course, great times! I was in college, just started my first year at University of Physics, Magurele, commuting between Campina and Bucharest.

What was the most important destination you worked in?

Asia remains among my favorites. Loved Singapore, Japan (Tokyo), Hong Kong, though Europe is in my heart, not only professionally speaking, but personally too, for I lived for long periods of time in many, such as Rome, Milan (Italy), Paris (France), Vienna (Austria), Athens (Greece), Istanbul (Turkey), Frankfurt (Germany). Even Dubai (United Arab Emirates) though not in Europe, loved it all.

What did you dream to become as a child?

Good question. These dreams puts a smile on my face every time I think of, as they came in waves and stages as I was growing up. One of them was to be a lawyer. Then I wanted to be a scientist. Even as a little girl, physics, astronomy, the Universe, Newton, Einstein, the theory of relativity and all that, it fascinated me! At the same time, I was constantly attracted to be close to people, especially if someone needed help with anything or my support, there I was.. I also remember the days I’d be spending out in nature on these mountains, day dreaming, starring at the vast sky or counting mathematical numbers or, taking the animals up the hill while I’d be reading a book.. or when I’d be spending my time with the elders in the vineyards, helping around or gardening. Most of my childhood was like that, and then came the time I wanted to travel, to see the world, to know as much as possible, to learn and grow as much as possible. And so it was, God bless, all these dreams one by one, as if, I was living them already.

LindaTaylor-LaDolceVitaAnd now you’re living in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles), a place where some people only dream about. You must be really proud?

Sure. Proud mostly from within, for being happy, and content. I’m really blessed and grateful for everything that I have, everything that I am and how everything is.

Definitely. Also, you must be proud for that award and medal, acknowledged by President Barack Obama and UNICEF USA back in 2009? How often you look at it?

Well, I sure don’t look at it as often, however, I do keep these in a special place where I could go take a look at whenever it’s necessary, as a reminder to myself, that no matter what, or how life is, there’s always space and chance for better and that everything has excellence and its own acknowledgment. Just this thought alone, ”yes you can, it’s possible and everything is good ” and it takes me right back to where I need to be, grounding my feet once again.

In 2009-2010 you were the face of GUESS, a national campaign. Did this play an important role for your career?

I certainly would like to think so that this was a positive thing. Can only be a step forward.

LindaTaylor_GUESS_by_MarcianoYou are right, especially because later on we all saw you playing the lead in a music video ‘Drive By’ by TRAIN!

Yes indeed it was an honor and a wonderful experience to work with these guys. Special thanks to Alan Ferguson, the director, who cast me out of the 400 plus who auditioned for this role. It was fun!

Train Drive By Linda

Train – Drive By (Official Music Video)

Train’s official music video for ‘Drive By’. Click to listen to Train on Spotify:… As featured on Train: The Collection. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes:… Google Play:… Amazon:… More from Train Hey Soul Sister: Drops of Jupiter: Marry Me: More great alternative videos here:…

Are there true friendships when you are overseas, among strangers?

Absolutely! And even beautiful, true and honest ones. Just like in every thing else actually, when you spent a good amount of time with someone, colleagues etc, there’s a big possibility that a true friendship can be born right there, right then. Just like the saying – ‘It’s never too late’, I feel the same about ”never too strange”, but the other way around..

Any friends among the celebrities we know and see on TV?

Well either we know them from TV, or from a book they wrote, even more so if I know them personally more just a ‘friend’ , I tend to be a little protective here, with respect for who they are and what they do. They are quite a few that I consider them more than just a friend, but rather, a role-model. I’ll leave you decide and to take a look at my ‘Network of Inspiration’ from my foundation, Models with a Cause ( ) a non-profit I just launched, based on that same motto – Be The Role Model That You Are. With a Cause. For a Cause. Give Back.

In Los Angeles the parties there and the events, are they grand?

Some yes. I lived here for eight years, and I still I get that ‘wow’ moment sometimes on various occasions. Naturally, all the admiration.

Last fall was the premiere of the film “I’m Not Famous, But I’m Aromanian” where you had the lead female role. Was this an experience to motivate you to wish for more?

It was a movie for the soul and the same about working with film director Toma Enache and the rest of the team there. Certainly I would love to get more involved in projects like this in our country. It’s good to know you can and you want. And it’s even better to know that you are loved and appreciated in the country you were born and formed a foundation, an identity.

There’s no place like home. Even though, what do you think a person needs and also needs to stay away of, no matter where is living?

Be honest. Be yourself. Try not to judge people ever, because you do not know their journey, what theymight be going through. Don’t be afraid of dreaming big. Trust that everything is possible. Life is full of opportunities. Choose right. Keep walking, straight ahead! It’s what I learned from my father (RIP), words that resonates within my soul every time: ”Head up straight, chin up; pull your chest front and stand tall.” were his words, if I was to be upset or sad or go through tough times.. Indeed it’s true, no matter what, or where and how, life goes on, and so we are. Do it so with all your heart.

Linda Taylor Beverly Hills Core waterHow do you keep so beautiful?

Yoga, meditation, pilates, hiking, sometimes a SoulCycle. But honestly, nothing compares with being happy inside and out. For me meditation, even in a form of a prayer, is an exercise for the soul, mind and spirit. What’s good for the mind, is also good for the body. I spend a lot of time in nature, observing the trees, the fallen leaves, I watch the birds flying by, I stop and smell the roses, I love the ocean breeze caressing my cheeks. This is what “mens sana in corpore sano” really means to me.

What projects you have coming up?

There are ongoing fundraising projects for charities and philanthropic campaigns that Models with a Cause supports. Such causes and organizations, is the Rett Syndrome Research Trust, ( , the school in Kenya, Light School Uriri ( and so on, they’re all up on the website at if anyone wants to join hands and be a role-model. On a side note, I’m also very involved as a brand ambassador and business partner in Core Natural®, launched this year. A water bottle that is made with 100% recycled materials, has 7.4 perfect pH, minerals and electrolytes. Its logo speaks for itself: Be True To Your Core.

Thank you, Linda, and good luck!

Linda was featured as the lead role in music video ‘Drive By’ by Grammy winning band TRAIN. Most viewed music video of all times in the bands history, exceeding 96 million views on Youtube to present. Director Alan Ferguson is known for other music videos such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Nelly Furtado, Tiesto, John Legend etc.

I’m Not Famous But I’m Aromanian – Official trailer


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