The untold story of the traditional Romanian blouse

0 Maiastra - BernaThe European exhibition “Maiastra. The Untold Story of the traditional Romanian blouse” started successfully in Bern, the Swiss capital. On September 11, the Yehudi Menuhin Forum held the first exhibition, which is part of the Romanian Cultural festivals organized by the Cultural Institute of Berlin and Dublin.

The project is designed and built by gallery Galateca, and was inspired by the community of La Blouse Roumaine, for the traditional Romanian blouse called ie, as a symbol and inspiration for young artists and designers.

The exhibition “Maiastra. The Untold Story” will be presented also in Dublin (Ireland) at Europe House, from October 14 to 24. The event is organized in partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute in London.

Maiastra - Berna 5 Maiastra Berna 5Maiastra - Berna 17 Maiastra - Berna 101 Maiastra in Berna 2 Maiastra - Berna 13 Parada Maiastra BernaMaiastra Berna 75 Maiastra - BernaCredit: Galateca.

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