The world’s most creative statue is in Romania

In big cities and small towns, you can see statues and sculptures worldwide. There are thousands of artistic projects, but only a few are extraordinary. The site Boredpanda made a top of the world’s most creative statues and sculptures.

Enthusiasts from around the globe have submitted their pictures of the best sculptures, and hundreds of votes resulted in the final list. In the first place is the statue of the most famous and influential Romanian poet, Mihai Eminescu, from Onesti town, Romania (172 points). On the same top there are one more sculpture and another statue both from Romania. The sculpture of King Decebal, in the city of Orsova, the tallest Rock Sculpture in Europe with 40 metres (ranked 20, with 42 points) and the statue of famous Romanian author Ion Luca Caragiale, from Ploiesti city (ranked 24, with 31 points).

See below pictures of the extraordinary statues and sculptures:

2. Mustang horses running, Robert Glen, Las Colinas, Irving, Texas – 151 points

Mustang Texas3. Sculpture of Anonymous Passer-by, Wroclaw, Poland – 142 points

The monument of an anonymous passerby5. Expansion, Paige Bradley, New York – 129 points

Expansion NY10. Sinking Building Outside State Library, Melbourne, Australia – 61 points

Sinking Building Melbourne20. King Decebal, Orsova City, Romania, tallest Rock Sculpture in Europe 40m – 41 points

Decebal24. Writer Ion Luca Caragiale, Ploiesti, Romania – 30 points

I L Caragiale Ploiesti

Photo credit: Stan Mircea, Boga Gabriel, Dan Dima,

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