Jennifer Lopez iconic engagement ring from Ben Affleck soares in value

As rumours of Jennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck reigniting their old flame continue to burn, Google searches for THAT iconic engagement ring have doubled in April in comparison to the previous month. It seems fans are keen to revisit the relationship that blew the world away.

In the UK and USA, search terms such as ‘Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez engagement ring’ received 4,460 searches in April, compared to 2,860 in March and 1,540 in February.

To find out more, diamond experts at engagement ring specialists Steven Stone, have taken a fresh look at the impressive engagement ring he bought for her back in 2002.

The ring reportedly cost Ben Affleck £855,000 ($1.2million USD) at the time. However, as pink diamonds have soared in value, J-Lo’s ring is worth a lot more than it was back then. Diamond experts estimate it’s worth over double the price now, valuing the ring ataround £2,000,0000. ($2.8million USD)

Jennifer loved getting the impressive pink diamond engagement ring

At the time when J.Lo was in a relationship with Affleck she confirmed the happy news about the engagement in an interview with Diane Sawyer. “It’s the most magnificent thing I’ve ever seen,” she said of the 6.1-carat pink diamond from Harry Winston that Affleck gave her.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck ended their engagement in January 2004.

Zack Stone said: “There are certain types of diamonds which can make good investments. These include pink diamonds, which are much rarer and generally very expensive, starting from £50,000 to around £10,000,000.

The world’s major source for pink stones closed down in 2020

“Pink diamonds have seen the biggest growth in value recently as the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, the world’s major source for pink and purple stones, closed down at the end of 2020, therefore prices have increased in recent months due to the increased rarity.”

“J-Lo’s ring is incredible, there is no doubt about it. The pink radiant cut 6.1 carat diamond is paved with white diamonds. As a Harry Winston design, the diamond is likely to be of the highest quality and clarity. “

“On today’s market, a ring with a pink diamond like this would be worth an estimated £2.8 million, which is double what it was at the time Ben Affleck purchased it. That’s how much pink- and natural-coloured diamonds are increasing in value.”

Where is that ring now? It is believed that J-Lo gave it back to Ben when they split back in 2004, however it was never officialy revelead.

Is Bennifer back?

Recently J.Lo ended her engagement with Alex Rodriguez, while Ben split from actress Ana de Armas. Following their appearances at Global Citizen’s Vax Live benefit concert, Lopez and Affleck were reportedly on a vacation to Montana.

A source close to the singer told E! News that “Ben reached out to her to see how she was doing. They had dinner together a few times within last month. It’s natural between them and the chemistry is unreal. They are enjoying each other’s company right now”, the insider confirmed for E!

Victoria Beckham and Anna Kournikova have pink-diamond rings that value a fortune

Other celebrities who were given a pink diamond engagement ring are fashion designer Victoria Beckham and former tennis player Anna Kournikova, who is married to Latino celebrity singer Enrique Iglesias.

  • Victoria Beckham – Original price 2004 £850,000 ($1,190,000) – value in 2021 £1,990,000 ($2,792,000)
  • Anna Kournikova – Originial price 2004 £3,849,300 ($5,400,000) – value in 2021 £5,270,000 ($7,400,000)

Photo credit: Pixabay, J.Lo Instagram official page

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