Oceana: ”The best advice I’ve got was to take a risk and do my own thing”

I had the opportunity of meeting the talented german singer Oceana before Europa FM Live concert, powered by Lidl. So I asked her about her music and true emotions, about the role she had on Broadway some time ago and of course who makes her happy and what are her guilty pleasures. Check this out, cause she told me a lot of interesting things which i’m sure you’ll enjoy!


Oceana was in Romania, for the second time, a country she likes because the people here ”know how to live and enjoy life”, said the German singer (born on January 23, 1982). I’m sure many of you listened her single “Cry Cry” on the radio. The song became number one in the charts. Then she wrote and performed “Endless Summer”, the official 2012 UEFA song for European Football Championship. Presently, between concerts, she is working in Los Angeles on her third album.

Oceana concert powered by Lidl

Oceana, you’re nervouse before your concerts?

Oh, yes, I’m nervous but not in a negative way. Adrenaline just kicks in. I always want to be as good as possible and I feel butterflies in my stomac. But I’m not scared, cause I love to be on the stage. I love to perform. I know what i’m doing, that’s very important too. I’m also very sensitive, I like to feel confortable with the people around me, that are on stage with me. And once I’m confortable and happy, I can’t wait to perform.

How are the people here, in Romania, different?

The Romanian people are always reminding me of Spanish and Italian people. You guys know how to live, to enjoy life and you are very warm and open. That’s what I like.

When you’re writing what comes first, the song titles or the music?

It depends. Sometimes I have titles, but most of the times I have melodies. Melodies are easier for me. Sometimes I write first and then I go to the studio and the producer plays a track and then I say: ”oh, that fits perfectly”.

Your work as an artist included also Elton John, when you performed in the role of Aida, in the musical Aida. How was that experience?

The music was composed by Elton John so I was performing his songs, I didn’t really worked with him personaly, to get to meet him. But was a big Disney play so we had all the reheasals on Broadway, in New York City, and it was my first musical role. I was very young. I was 19 years old. We had an year of preparation and at that time was a really big engagement for me because the role Aida is very tough.

And complex?

Yes, complex and long. Three hours and Aida was always on stage, with no brake. It was a great experience, I worked with an orchestra, I had dialogs and I was singing also. It was a great inspiration for my work, I really enjoyed it, but music theatre is not really my thing. Because always you have to stick to rules and you have to do what Disney wants you to do, and I’m a creater person. I like to create my own songs and choreoghraphy. I’m a free spirit and I’m trying to do my own thing.

Oceana instagram 1


Oceana her father and funk music legend
With her father and the funk music legend Maceo Parker, who worked with James Brown in the 60’s.

Tell me about the music legend Maceo Parker, a close friend of your family. You performed with him on stage as a young child. How were those days?

I think seeing Maceo performing on stage since I was a child, because my mom always took me to his concerts, was very inspiring. And yes I performed with him. He was the first who encouraged me to work on my solo carrier, because I was working with all sort of different bands. He told me: ”You know what? You’re ready now, do your own thing!”. And I took it very serious cause he’s one of the last living legends in music.

He was the first artist who teached you how to communicate with the audience?

No, I guess that’s something I have naturally. I don’t know if you can learn this. But he just taught me to make decisions. He opened my eyes and gave me the best advice I ever received: to take a risk and do my own thing. But any artist knows it’s not simple. I needed a good team. You need a good band and the sound is so important. You can look right and you can have the best voice in the world, but if you don’t have a good team, it’s very hard to survive in the business.

Oceana dancers
Oceana and her dancers

What is the most valuable thing to you?

Being alive and having my child.

Who’s the person who made you feel happy most recently?

My child. (smiling)

Oceana son instragram

Did he say ”I love you, mommy”?

No, he doesn’t even have to say it. He’s just looking at me smiling. Or I see him happy and that makes me happy. His happiness is my happiness.

Do you have guilty pleasures?

Yes, I do. (laughing) I like ice cream very much and I like the good life, you know! I can live very simple without luxury, but sometimes I prefer good food and fancy clothes. (laughing)

What’s your wish for the near future that you can share with us?

Oh, I have lots of wishes… Let’s see: I wanna finish my third album, I wanna go back on tour with my band, I’m also working on another reggae project. And I wanna tell my fans to follow me on Instagram, on Oceana official, and on Facebook. I’m happy I’m back and ”Everybody” is the new single for now.

Thank you! 

Corina Stoicescu Oceana
Oceana and me (Corina Stoicescu)

Oceana – Cry Cry

Oceana – Cry Cry from Ultra Records Buy her album ‘Love Supply’ here: http://bit.ly/bA6V27 For more songs like “Cry Cry”, follow our “Today’s Deep House” Spotify playlist! http://smarturl.it/TodaysDeepHouse

Oceana – Everybody (Official Video)

Available @ iTunes: http://smarturl.it/Oceana-Everybody YES, Oceana is rising as she is back with her brand new single, “Everybody” for the World Cup summer 2014. Two years ago, Oceana presented the world with her European-wide chart smash “Endless Summer” for the 2012 European Cup.

Oceana – Unexpected (Official Video)

Cuz life is so unexpected so live life without no regrets yeah smile and drive your fears away yolo so live your live like it’s a holiday everyday Diese Zeilen aus dem neuen Song „Unexpected” der Sängerin Oceana könnten auch von Nicole stammen. Lebensfroh, strahlend mit einem Lächeln im Gesicht.

Photo credit: Europa Fm (MIRCIUS), Personal archive, Oceana Instagram Official.

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