Sweden creates the world’s largest open-air bar

The internationally award-winning bar Tjoget and leading beverage experts will be making world-class drinks available outdoors in Swedish nature throughout this summer. 

Experience the Swedish close to nature lifestyle while enjoying world-class food and drink.

The award-winning bar Tjoget from Stockholm and Swedish beverage experts will form what may very well be the world’s largest socially distanced open-air bar.

An alcohol-free nature inspired cocktail in the Swedish countryside.

Starting 15th June, visitors have the opportunity to book a seat at more than sixteen tables located in some of Sweden’s most beautiful natural landscapes for a chance to enjoy a selection of drinks and DIY recipes reflecting the country’s 100-million-acre natural pantry.

Close to nature lifestyle while enjoying world-class food and drink.

Sweden is filled with delicious naturel treats such as berries, greens and seaweed. The visitors can create the drinks themselves with locally sourced ingredients at The Drinkable Country, the world’s largest open-air bar.

First was the DIY restaurant with recipes developed by Michelin-awarded chefs

In 2019, Sweden launched The Edible Country, the world’s largest DIY gourmet restaurant, with recipes developed by Guide Michelin-awarded chefs. The concept has only consisted of food and is now being also expanded to include world-class drink experiences. 

It will be a combination of ready-made beverages that reflect local nature and produce together with drinks that visitors can create themselves with ingredients found in the surroundings, based on recipes provided by the beverage experts. In this way, visitors get the opportunity to explore Swedish nature both together with local guides when collecting and mixing the ingredients and when enjoying the various drinks. 

“The DIY recipes enable visitors to explore Swedish nature through world-class taste experiences. The country’s 100-million-acre pantry of fruit, berries, vegetables, and crystal-clear spring water is open to everyone. We call it the Drinkable Country – the world’s largest open-air bar”, says Jens Heed, Program Director Food Travel at Visit Sweden.

Tastes from experts representing different regions in Sweden 

The recipes have been developed in collaboration with four different beverage experts, each responsible for representing other regions in Sweden. 

The Drinkable Country

Rebecka Lithander represents southern Sweden. Lithander has experience from the two-Michelin-star restaurant Daniel Berlin, where she raised the non-alcohol drink packages to the same high level as the food. 

The tables on the west coast are represented by the local cocktail bar gem Bar Bruno, while on the east coast, it is the world-famous bar Tjoget that will compose the drink menu.

Emil Åreng, a nationally and internationally acclaimed bartender and author of the world’s best cocktail book in 2016, represents the northern part of Sweden. 

A journey through Swedish nature, using localy sourced ingredients.

It is a thirst-quenching journey through Swedish nature. I would say that this is a completely new and fascinating way to both experience drinks and to discover a country and its natural environment.

says Leo Lahti, Bar Manager at Tjoget.

In Sweden, nature is everyone’s and anyone’s playground and place to linger as long as you do not disturb or destroy, mainly thanks to the unique Allemansrätt – the freedom to roam. 

With the Drinkable Country, Sweden invites everyone to experience the Swedish close to nature lifestyle while at the same time enjoying world-class food and drink.

To experience this exciting culinary adventure for yourself, when the time is right, book with Best Served Scandinavia and join Henry and Pia at Huuva Hideaway in Swedish Lapland, where storytelling, arctic and Sami food go hand in hand.

Photo credit: Niklas Nyman for VisitSweden

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