The climber with disabilities who reached the top in Atlas mountains

Alpinist Claudiu Miu Atlas 2In every situation we would be, we can do impressive things – that is what Claudiu Miu, a Romanian climber believes from the bottom of his heart. Solving a problem and overcoming obstacles can lead to a successful story for young people with special needs also. As in Claudiu’s case! And now he wishes to change the mentality of others, by transforming mercy, the first thing that comes to many people’s mind when they hear about persons with disabilities, in appreciation and dignity. The Romanian athlete, multinational and Balkan champion in climbing, was diagnosed in 2010 with Lyme disease and associated arthritis. He had to stay in bed for over three years and he was on treatment. Fortunately, now he is climbing again and he also teaches courses for children. And in September, Claudiu with Jaggi, a young Indian lawyer, both with moving difficulties, have climbed a wall of 700 meters, in the Atlas mountains, in Morocco.

What did you felt when you reached the top?

Gratitude. Satisfaction. Love. The same things I felt when I climbed before, but lately were more present in my life. Everything was possibly due to many factors and events – the time when I was suffering because of my health situation, then when I was on my feet again and I started climbing, then the beginnings of my Association Climb Again and now the expedition in Morocco, supported by people who trustes us, me and Jaggi. It’s beautiful!

Varf Munti Atlas Maroc Claudiu Miu si Jaggi
Jaggi with Claudiu

Pat Claudiu Miu Atlas Maroc

Pat escalada Atlas MarocI know it’s gonna be a documentary about your expedition. When we’ll be able to see it?

The trailer is already done. Nora Dorian, our friend who video recorded us and photographed us in Morocco, is working on the documentary and it will probably be available at the end of the year, in december.


BEYOND LIMITS is a story about two disabled young men trying to prove that there is no limit when it comes to fulfilling a dream in which they believe. They are Claudiu (RO) and Jaggi (IN), who meet for the first time in a place they had never been before and tried to reach a summit together.

Are you willing to repeat this kind of expedition?

Yes. I wish we’ll do it again. I don’t know when or where, but we all want to do something special again for inspiring other people also and give them hope for more.

What’s your daily program when you’re home, in Bucharest?

Half of my activity is my work office and I’m coordinating several projects for Climb Again Association, and the other half I’m doing my regular training sessions.

Expeditie Atlas Maroc septembrie 2014
Cosmin Andron (professional climber and the leader of the expedition), Mihnea Prundeanu (professional climber), Claudiu, Jaggi and Nora Dorian (photographer).

What do you wish for the future?

I want to continue helping children with disabilities integrating them again through sport. Most of the work at the Association Climb Again is focused on bringing climbing closer to children and youth with special needs. Climbing it’s a sport that offers opportunity for changing perspectives and is developing the self-confidence. Solving a problem and overcoming obstacles can lead to a successfull story for young people with special needs also. We want to change the mentality of the others. Even if now the first thing that comes to people’s mind when they hear about persons with disabilities is mercy, I hope we’ll manage to change things a bit, so our young people be seen with dignity and appreciation. Everything that I experienced took me to the same conclusion: that in any situation we would be, we can do impressive, wonderful things. I believe that those who do not see may reach the top, and those who cannot hear can be champions too.

Alpinist Claudiu Miu Atlas 1Thank you and congratulations!

Photo credit: Nora Dorian


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