Top 10 UK’s most popular beauty brands in lockdown

With beauty salons and hairdressers being closed during the last few months of lockdown, we had no choice but to tackle our beauty regimes from top-to-toe. A new report by the personal finance experts at has revealed what brands we’ve been interested in the most. 

Nivea surpassed the list with 132% more searches than before

  • The most popular ten brands experienced 83% more search interest
  • Searches soar by 50% for UK’s most popular brands between April 1st and May 31st
  • Overall, beauty brands have seen an average increase of 14% and a whopping 5.4M searches per month. 
  • German-owned skin and suncare brand Nivea topped the list with 132% more searches during lockdown than before

The new Brand-a-Lust Report takes 375 of the UK’s top brands from YouGov’s Consumer Popularity Ratings* and applies Google Trends** and Google Search Volume*** data, to reveal the UK most lusted-after brands during the lockdown. 

Overall, beauty brands saw an average increase of 14% and a whopping 5.4M searches per month during the lockdown. High street brands dominate the list with 500% more searches during the lockdown. High-end brands increased by just 55% overall. 

The most popular ten brands experienced 83% more search interest and featured popular household named brands such as The Body ShopVaseline and Radox

Topping the list is German-owned skin and suncare brand Nivea with 132% more searches during lockdown than before, with the majority of searches from shoppers in Birmingham

Demand for ethical beauty retailer The Body Shop has increased by 130%, putting it in second place on the list, which could suggest that even in lockdown, shoppers are conscious of their environmental impact. 

Wilkinson Sword (115%)Vaseline (106%), and Charlotte Tilbury (104%) came in third, fourth and fifth positions, respectively. All of the top five searching brands all had search interest above 100%. 

Decrease for some famous brands

It was a different story for popular brands such as; Herbal EssencesBobbi BrownghdNurofen, and Gillette, which all saw a decrease in search interest. 

With many more shops opening at the beginning of July 2020, the temptation may be there to head out a splurge on the brands we have been longing after. However, as’s finance expert Salman Haqqi, explained: 

With non-essential shops slowly beginning to reopen their doors to the general public, it might be tempting to head out and splash the cash on some of our favourite brands to celebrate. However, it’s worth making sure that you are getting the best deal possible and sticking to a budget, no matter how enticing the prices may look.

The novelty of visiting a bricks and mortar store is appealing, but it’s likely that better deals and lower prices can still be found online. Try visiting the virtual high street first to do your research, before you head out onto the physical high street; especially if you’re using a credit card to fund your purchases.

Find the full Brand-a-Lust Report here.

*All data correct as of June 11th 2020

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