My Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

Credit foto: Corina Stoicescu

When I first got to New York City and on 5th Avenue in September 2013, it was a dream I had from childhood, and it finally came true.

I immediately recalled a visit I had to a remarkable Romanian movie critic, Irina Margareta Nistor. The visit which was in February 2012, at her home in Bucharest (RO), was to interview her for one of the most popular women’s magazines. As a good host and in line with Romanian custom, Mrs Nistor offered me sweet treats and a beautiful napkin with Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. “It’s a special edition”. Mrs Nistor remarked. “I bought the set from Berlin Film Festival”.

I covered hundreds of interviews, and still, this time, I felt to ask for an autograph from Mrs Nistor. That note stated: “For Corina, to get to Tiffany’s, with a movie billionaire if possible!“. She looked at me and said: “You know, from all my trips in the West, the destination I love most is New York City.”.

servetel breakfast at tiffany

Time passed, of course, I forgot about that napkin, and in September 2013, I arrived for the first time in New York, a dream I had for like a lifetime and didn’t expect to happen. While I passed next to all those beautiful stores on 5th Avenue, I found myself in front of Tiffany&Co. So I started My Breakfast at Tiffany’s! And not with a doughnut as Audrey, but with an apple because I was in the Big Apple.

My breakfast at Tiffany

inside Tiffany New York 1

bijuteri Tiffany

coliere Tiffany

inside Tiffany NY 2

tiffany diamant

inside Tiffany NY 3

Watching “Grace of Monaco” at the Palace

I met Mrs Irina Margareta Nistor again at the Romanian premiere party of the movie “Grace of Monaco” at Bragadiru Palace. This time I revealed that her wish for me became true. She was visibly delighted to hear it. And maybe I will continue the story after Mrs Nistor tells me she attended the Oscars in Los Angeles, where she didn’t get to just yet.

Corina si Irina Margareta Nistor
Me and Mrs Irina Margareta Nistor at Bragadiru Palace

the entrance of Tiffany NY 2 

Credit foto: Corina Stoicescu

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