Naomi Isted, the fashion presenter who celebrates beauty in all its glory

The multitasking stylist, Fashion and Beauty Columnist, mother of two and now also a designer, Naomi Isted, shows us a part of the celebrity showbiz scene in London. People usually see the glamour in pictures, live streaming on social media and video reports coverage, but not what involves being behind the scenes. Now you have the chance to read the interview ofered by the “Fashion Guru”, as E! Entertainment assigned Naomi.

She is a key Fashion and Beauty/Lifestyle expert and ranks in the top 25 Global Fashion and Entertainment Reporters. Her passion for fashion recently lead to Naomi styling west end musical ‘Dreamgirls’ which opened at the Savoy theatre in London to huge success. Her styling for ‘Dreamgirls’ could be seen on the London Underground and billboards all over the British Capital. She worked in TV, fashion and entertainment for years and because she was regularly asked to share her tips on Fashion, Beauty and Parenting now she is sharing her thoughts, life experiences and advices on her website Ultimate Lifestylist. I asked her about what gets you to the top in a big and important city like London, what are the fashion trends for fall 2017 plus many more.

Naomi, you have an impressive background in styling and fashion. How would you describe yourself?
Passionate, driven and creative.

What is the best part of being a fashion stylist in London?
The best thing about my job is that I have acces to amazing designer collections and can borrow the most incredible pieces that can sometimes literally come straight from the runway.

You are signing articles and columns in newspapers and magazines, you are TV presenter and have styling projects. You are also very often attending celebrity events. What would you mention about all the work that is behind all this glamour?
So much work goes into the finished product on a campaign or red carpet; When ladies are getting red carpet ready they may have treatments with aesthetic doctors, beauticians, hair, makeup and stylists. I personally visit dr. Shirin for botox, fillers, body contouring, then for spray tans, I use fake bake. I work out regularly with my trainer Mandy Platt, get my hair done at Inanch London, get my brows/lashes etc. done at local Salon 112, a lot goes into the glamour of the showbiz scene.

So much work goes into the finished product on a campaign or red carpet

Do you have any celebrity friends?
Yes, of course. I’ve met so many amazing friends! I feel very blessed.

I am sure most of our readers want to find out details about the fashion trends for fall 2017. Can you give us some pieces of advice?
Key for fall 2017 is to invest in a super glam going out dress’ think chainmail, sequins, crystals and blue will be a key colour this season. Invest in a suit for daytime glam and team with trainers for daytime cool.

You are not only a fashion and beauty guru but also a proud mom of Fleur and Rocco. How do you manage to do everything?
I plan like crazy and try to be as organised as I can, but schedules always change and they can be very last minute changes. I’m lucky I have a very supportive husband and mother.

How do you start your usual daily schedule?
I get up before the kids, have a coffee and meditate for 10 minutes. Then I exercise for up to an hour, get the kids ready for school and then start my working day.

You developed your own bag collection. Where does your inspiration comes from?
I’ve been really lucky to work with a team of recognised designers on a collaboration that has given me the chance to realise my own vision. With the help and support of the creatives at Brix + Bailey my designs have grown into something that I am very proud to put my name to and next season collection is planned to be at least twice the size with new categories being added.

How much cost one bag, let’s say a starting price? And where can it be found?
Our bag range consists of ten interchangeable styles that when mixed and matched form a perfect set that can be used for travel and work alike. The range is priced from £35 for our multi task clutch bag up to £135 for the changing bag that has been designed so that once it is no longer needed for carrying baby essential it can be used as an everyday stylish bag with the ever useful clutch that fits perfectly inside.

On top of this we are working with Brix + Bailey on an Ethical Clothing range for women primarily, moving into kidswear later on in the year. The line is manufactured from certified 100% GOTS® organic cotton and during the design process we spent a lot of time ensuring that each item has the perfect feel and fit. The range includes T-shirts priced from £35 up to £70 for our oversized Sweatshirt. We also have a performance range consisting of swimwear and leggings priced around £50 – £75.

What gets you to the top in a big and important city like London?
Hard work, reliability, dedication and networking lots.

Considering you’re a regular at fashion events what do you think are the most important elements of a chic wardrobe?
I always recommend to invest in classic items like coats, bags, evening wear and shoes if you can and buy trend pieces from the high street as fashion is getting faster and faster.

Women never need to give up the glam

How do you see women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s 50’s and 60’s?
Women of all ages are beautiful and should embrace the stage they are at in life but never need to give up the glam. Women should also support each other more and stop finding faults in others. I’m all about women empowerment.

You look young and stylish. What beauty secrets can you share with us?
I eat healthily, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water and Skinade, plus also I visit my aesthetic doctor Shirin regularly for various skin and body treatments.

Always prepare and be prepared

There are people who collect paintings, books, music albums etc.. What do you collect?

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?
Always prepare and be prepared. Also be reliable.

This interview has been published in FABUK magazine, print version, London, UK, August 2017.

Photo credit: personal archive Naomi Isted Instagram.

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