Brandon Bays, The Journey: ”Always listen to your heart!”

Brandon Bays’s  The Journey is an awakening modality that has helped many people to heal from emotional and physical issues around the world. The American motivational author and speaker, in her third visit to Romania, she explained to me many different aspects of the way to access the natural healing genius that resides in each one of us.


How long ago did you first heard about holistic healing?

From a very young age I knew there was more to life than just this physical form and its perception of apparent ‘reality’, and throughout university and my younger adult years I was on an ardent spiritual search, studying many religions, philosophies, traditions, seeking deeper answers and eventually qualifying in many alternative, healing modalities. I was living a vibrant, fulfilled life or so I thought! Then, at the age of 39, even though I felt I was doing everything ‘right’, I was diagnosed with a tumor the size of a basketball. This proved to be my wake up call, the call to get real and uncover the shutdowns, hurts and traumas, which were unconsciously keeping me from living as an expression of my true essence. The tumour was my greatest gift, to get real and start living life from who I really am.

After how much time of learning you’ve been able to practice it?

Until the time of my diagnosis, many of the skills and techniques I had learned had been of great value in allowing me to live a healthy, vibrant, fully expressed life. Yet the tumour still showed up. And when I started out on my healing journey with the tumour, using all the natural methods I knew, although I felt fit and healthy, my bulging clothes told me that the tumour was unaffected by anything I was doing. It took something more, something much deeper and more profound than anything I had learned, or could learn, to get to the consciousness that was the root cause of the tumour. It took complete surrender to the unknown, and in that surrender I was guided. Within a short time I realized that the tumour had never been clinging to ‘me’, but that ‘I’ had been clinging to it. It left me, quite naturally, in a short time.

Brandon Bays corinastoicescuWhat is holistic healing exactly?

People should never ignore what their heart is telling them, and always I tell people when they come to me with a physical issue to get a diagnosis from a medical doctor, and then stay open to how The Journey can partner you in your own healing process. The Journey is used around the world by medical professionals alongside conventional medicine in hospitals, trauma units and doctors surgeries, so this is not an alternative modality but a distinctly complementary one. There is much medical research that points to the truth that it is especially healing to feel that we are empowered and are playing our own part in the healing process, so I definitely recommend that people inner listen at a deep level and follow the guidance from within in their choice of treatments. The Journey is a way to access the natural healing genius that resides in each one of us. Many conventional doctors are extraordinary at what they do. Each of us is different and has our own healing experience, so there is no formula to it, nor any way to ascribe percentage points to the relative importance of each factor; and when we allow our analytical minds to fall away, when we drop our knowing, our beliefs, have no expectations of any outcome, stop striving to ‘fix’ ourselves, stop the story of blame and allow our arrogance to fall away, some divine mystery comes into play. And in our surrender to what is, we experience an innocence that invites the seemingly impossible to become possible, and all of life can rush in to support the ultimate healing that is possible. So, there is no formula in the process of cellular healing, and The Journey does give some deep guidance as to how we can cooperate with the body’s inner wisdom and expediate natural healing.

Do you believe that every one of us who is interested in learning about holistic healing has the natural abilities to apply it?

It is is for the everyday person, for anyone who realizes that there must be more to life than the existence we normally settle for. It is for anyone who has ever searched for deeper answers to life’s questions and challenges, for anyone interested in a practical, ‘how-to’ method for living a life of infinite potential, purpose and fulfillment.

When I was writing the book I imagined an ordinary person in an ordinary town, living an ordinary life, and that’s who I wrote it for. The book allows the reader to accompany me on my personal journey of discovery and healing, but so often people tell me that it is their story, their challenges, their life issues and realisations that come to the surface when they read it. They uncover the reasons they were not living life as a full expression of who they really are – boundless potential.

You healed your emotional problems and your entire body with holistic healing?

My method allows people to uncover and clear their unhealthy or traumatic cell memories, and open into a deep sense of freedom, coming to a place of wholeness on all levels.

The results are remarkable. People from all over the world report that their lives – their physical bodies and their health, their energy, positivity, their emotional experiences of day-to-day existence, in fact every aspect of their lives – have transformed in ways they could barely have dreamt of.

When I am on tour I have a Journey Process once a week because I know I have more than one issue stored inside my own body and I would never be so arrogant as to ‘think’ I have got it all handled!

What did the doctors say?

Research in the USA states that 85% of all illness is emotionally based! Numerous scientist and medical doctors have studied and subsequently verified research in support of this. Candace B. Pert, Ph.D., in particular, has compellingly shown that at a molecular level, suppressing emotions can lead to specific cell receptors in our bodies becoming blocked. These blocks then interfere with the normal healthy communications between cells, impairing many body functions, compromising our normal immune responses and potentially creating illness. Conversely, when we allow our feelings and emotions to flow naturally the receptors remain unblocked, free and able to help in maintaining good health.

You first came to Romania one year ago. What did you know about our country before?

I did not know too much, I only saw the strong prayer for healing their homeland in the Romanian Practitioners, psychologist Patricia Cihodaru and doctor Cristina Răduţă, who came to attend the one full year Practitioner Programme (Programul de Formare ca Practician Journey n.n.) in 2012. The Romanians seemed to me highly educated and good hearted. Otherwise, my mother, while being of Romanian blood, had buried her Romanian memories deep into her past, as they were associated with much pain of war. She did not tell us, her children, about it. Only in 2011 she told me about her Romanian heritage, about the hills with vineyards and oil stations she grew up on until the age of 5, when here mother took her to Vienna to start the school.

Tell me about your family and your usual program when you’re not traveling!

My life is given to truth, to awakening and healing and in this dance of grace everything is allowed. And the greatest gift of my life in this is that I get to work on a daily basis with my loved ones, family and friends, in bringing these tools of awakening and healing to the world.

Outside the seminars I live a quiet, others might say quite boring, life! When you realize nothing outside yourself can give you anything then it is a natural consequence that you are happy to rest in the self and be vigilant to each moment fully experiencing all of life.

Because my husband Kevin Billett who both co-teaches the Journey Practitioner Programme with me and delivers seminars about leadership, conscious communication and freeing yourself from the burden of depression we have international schedules which often require us to be on different continents and in different countries for a significant part of the year. So when we have a break in our schedules we love to spend the time with our dear friends, family and colleagues and enjoy active sports such as skiing, scuba diving and water skiing.

Are you also a vegetarian or raw vegan?

I have been a vegetarian now for over 30 years and when my schedule allows my body naturally prefers to be a raw vegan. Some countries such as Australia have an abundance of fresh vibrant foods, which supports a 100% raw vegan diet but this isn’t always possible when you are on the road in a different country every week. During this time my diet is around 60% raw and I ensure every day I have fresh squeezed juices, vegetable smoothies and fresh vibrant salads.

How many people do you believe you helped with ”The Journey”?

There are far too many to pick just one! I get reports from people from all over the world, by mail, email and on my Facebook page, that their lives have transformed radically and that they have experienced natural cellular healing similar to my own. They report healing from a huge variety of acute and chronic physical and emotional conditions, and each report seems as extraordinary to me as my own healing – it never ceases to amaze me!

What would you say to the skeptics?

The Journey is not a process of addition rather it is a process of subtraction and there is no one here who has anything to teach or convince people of. All I can say is if people have found The Journey, then it is a calling of the heart, and a deeper knowing that has led them here. Cynicism is a mental strategy, a means of protecting yourself from the unknown, and of course we all fear the unknown! Once someone has undergone and had a direct experience of what is available, they realize that the nature of their worrying mind is fear, doubt and judgment, and can speak the truth from their own direct experience.

Thank you!



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