My 15 favourite photos in New York City

In my top 15 favourites, you’ll find photos I captured in tourist areas and places often frequented by New Yorkers. For example, Bryant Park. Besides colourful sunsets in New York City, I also included pictures of the City’s skyline. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is magnificent, and the Statue of Liberty has an impressive elegance.
Further, the heights are characteristic of the City that never sleeps, so that I couldn’t miss some of these photos. And at height again, on one of the nights, I saw the most beautiful moon from my window—a moon which transmitted itself more than just an image.

Bryant Park 2 Corina Stoicescu
In Bryant Park, new yorkers are coming often for having lunch or for working at their laptops. In the park, Wi-Fi connection is also available.
Bryant Park Corina Stoicescu
Bryant Park
Empire State Building Corina Stoicescu
Empire State Building as seen from Top of The Rock
Statue Of Liberty Corina Stoicescu
Statue of Liberty at a late sunset as seen from Baterry Park, Financial District
3rd Avenue Corina Stoicescu
3rd Avenue, New York
5th Avenue Corina Stoicescu
5th Avenue and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on the right side
St Patrick New York City Credit Corina Stoicescu
Saint Patrick’s Cathedral
5th Ave close to Guggenheim Museum Corina Stoicescu
Various artists are selling their paintings and other projects on the streets of New York. This photo was taken in a location between Metropolitan Museum Of Art and Guggenheim Museum.
Manhattan Bridge NYC Corina Stoicescu
Manhattan Bridge seen from Brooklyn
Manhattan Corina Stoicescu
Manhattan as seen from New Jersey
The Moon over NY Corina Stoicescu
Beautiful moon above Hudson River
Hudson River Corina Stoicescu
Hudson River and Manhattan view, as seen from New Jersey
Times Square Corina Stoicescu
Times Square, New York
Sunset in New Jersey Corina Stoicescu
Sunset in West New York, New Jersey
Sunset NYC Corina Stoicescu
Sunset above Cental Park

Photo credential: Corina Stoicescu

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