Study reveals the top 25 questions Brits WISH the internet could answer

“Do ghosts exist?”, “Will I ever be thin?”, “Am I good in bed?” and “When will I die?” are among the burning questions Brits wish the internet could answer, according to a new study.


Researchers polled the nation to discover the important questions we wish the World Wide Web could provide us with the answer to – with “Is time travel possible?”, “Will I ever be rich?” and “What is the meaning of life?” also making the definitive list.

The study commissioned by TV channel Dave for the launch of their new game show Beat the Internet also uncovered more topical questions we simply need closure with, such as “Did Donald Trump rig the US election?” and the more spooky, “Is there a parallel universe?”

More personal queries we wish we could get a definitive answer to include, “Am I good in bed?”, “Am I good looking?” and “Am I a good person?”.

According to the data we spend seven hours every week on average, surfing the net looking at and reading “futile rubbish” with the average Brit searching the internet eight times a day looking for a resolution to a burning question.

The data also revealed the nation’s thirst for knowledge, with a massive 89 percent of the 1,500 respondents admitting there are many questions in life they simply need to know the answers to.


Luke Hales, Dave channel director, said: “Our research reveals that – although the internet provides answers aplenty, there are some Very Big Important questions it just can’t help us with.

“At least we can watch the hilarious and unpredictable results when the contestants of our new quiz show Beat The Internet with John Robins try to predict what search engines will come up with.”


And we won’t stop asking, even if we know the responses could well be a let-down. Two-thirds of us (65 percent) admit we search for answers we know the internet simply can’t help us with.

Worryingly 31 percent of those polled said they believed everything they read online. Reassuringly, the majority (69 percent) of Brits said they take everything they read on the internet with a pinch of salt.

Nearly seven out of ten (69 percent) also claimed they regularly start typing one question, only to end up searching the question thrown up by the search engine’s predictive text – as it’s more interesting.

Almost seven in ten of us (67 percent) admit to they rely on the internet too much, with a further 70 percent admitting they head online to settle day to day arguments with family and friends.

The host of Beat the Internet on Dave and Edinburgh Award-winning comedian John Robins said: “For many years now, I’ve been suspicious that the ‘internet’ is getting too big for its boots.

“Its war against our high streets, laws and HMRC goes completely unchecked, and that’s not to mention the unknown impact on future generations who have never known a life without it.

“And this research reveals that the internet is failing the public by not answering the questions we really need answers to. It’s appalling – and I, therefore, invite you to Beat The Internet on 15th November at 8 pm on Dave.”

Top 25 Questions We Wish the Internet Would Answer – but sadly it can’t 

  1. What are the winning lottery numbers? 33 percent
  2. What really happens when you die? 22 percent
  3. Do aliens exist? 22 percent
  4. Is time travel possible? 20 percent
  5. Will I ever be rich? 20 percent
  6. What is the meaning of life? 19 percent
  7. Do ghosts exist? 19 percent
  8. Is there a parallel universe? 19 percent
  9. How do we end poverty? 18 percent
  10. Is there a God? – 16 percent
  11. Who shot JFK 15 percent
  12. Is the Loch Ness Monster alive? 14 percent
  13. When will the world end? 14 percent
  14. Am I a good person 13 percent
  15. Did Donald Trump rig the election 13 percent
  16. When will I die? 13 percent
  17. How am I going to die? 12 percent
  18. Do people like me? 12 percent
  19. Will I ever be thin? 11 percent
  20. Did the moon landings actually happen? 11 percent
  21. What came first, the chicken or the egg? 11 percent
  22. Am I good looking? 9 percent
  23. Does my cat really like me? 8 percent
  24. Am I good in bed? 8 percent
  25. Is my partner cheating on me? 8 percent

‘Beat The Internet with John Robins’, produced by VICE Studios, airs on Dave from Thursday 15th November at 8 pm and 8:30 pm

The poll was commissioned by Ginger Research in November 2018


Photo credit: Pixabay

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