The Art Gallery Weekend Dedicated to Contemporary Art in Bucharest

Credit foto: Weekend-ul Galeriilor

Thirty-four galleries in Bucharest are waiting for your visit during the third edition of The Art Gallery Weekend – WEG#3 which will take place on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of April 2016 between 12 and 9 PM.


This event organised by Ephemair Association continues the initiative of the White Night of Contemporary Art Galleries, promoting the Romanian contemporary art for the local and transient audience in Bucharest. The current event is taking place on both days of the weekend, when the visitors can attend, during daytime, a various program created by the participants.

WEG#3: 34 Contemporary Art Galleries

The participating galleries are: 418 Contemporary Art Gallery; Aiurart Contemporary Art Space; Art Yourself, Atelier 030202; Galeria AnnArt; Artful Contemporary; Dana Art Gallery@Metropolis Center; EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS; Funnel Contemporary; Galeria Galateca; Gallery (ANAV);Go Contemporary; H’art Gallery; H’art Appendix; Ivan Gallery; Galeria LABORNA; Make a Point; MOBIUS Gallery; Galeria Montage; Centrul de artă MORA (More Opportunities for Romanian Artists); Galeria Occidentului; ODD; Galeria Posibilă; Galeria Anca Poterașu; Galeria Romana; Galeria Romniceanu; Galeria Suprainfinit; UAP / Galeria Galateea; UAP / Galeria Orizont; UAP / Centrul Artelor Vizuale Multimedia; UAP / Galeria Simeza; UAP / Galeria Tipografia; Urban Collectors; Victoria Art Center.

Credit foto: Weekend-ul Galeriilor

Credit foto: Weekend-ul Galeriilor


NEW! Special Programs for Children with Interactive Guided Tours

WEG#3 FOR CHILDREN is an educational section of the WEG#3 program and it is addressed to the youngest audience. Together with a parent or a tutor, they will be familiarized with contemporary art and some of the participating galleries. This section is a collaboration between the organizers and Global Mindscape, an association dedicated to informal education and it will consist of interactive guided tours for children. With the precious help of Even’thor volunteers, the tours will take place from 12:00 to 16:00 in the following venues: Aiurart Contemporary Art Space; Atelier 030202; Galeria AnnArt; EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS; Galeria Galateca; H’art Gallery; Ivan Gallery; MOBIUS Gallery; Galeria Posibilă; Galeria Anca Poterașu; Galeria Romniceanu.

You can find more details regarding the WEG#3 participants on the website and on the Facebook page of the event.

Credit foto: Weekend-ul Galeriilor


Photo credit: Weekendul Galeriilor, foto 2, foto 3, foto 4

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